Field Data Collection | Quantability

Field Data Collection


Proprietary panel and community

  • Proprietary panel and community
  • Sense of community (engaging discussion boards, quick polls, and survey gamification)
  • Mobile ethnographies with in-situ images and videos from your customers
  • Panelist validation

In Person and On-site

Network of on-site interviewers across Canada and the United States

  • Sensory research and product testing
  • Intercepts and exit interviews
  • Activation research at events and conferences
  • Mystery shopping and in-store audits

Custom Community

Use the same audience for two purposes

  • Market insights
  • Community marketing
  • We help you reach, retain, and expand your business
  • Audience engagement activities (e.g., newsletter tracking, content creation, etc)

Biometric Measures and Implicit Insights

Understand your audience on a deeper level

  • Brain imaging with EEG or fMRI
  • Emotion measurement
  • Biometrics measured via Eye Tracking, GSR (Galvanic Skin Response), heart rate, and facial coding

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