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Marketing Research and Neuroscience Partnership: Quantability and True Impact

TORONTO, ON, June 2018Quantability, a Toronto-based marketing research firm, is partnering with True Impact, a consumer neuroscience research and strategy group, whose primary focus is emotion measurement using neural and biometric technology. The new partnership expands the growing list of custom research solutions offered by Quantability, and addresses the growing demand among advertisers and marketers for rigorous scientific approaches to consumer data collection and interpretation.

True Impact uniquely focuses on generating growth for brands by collecting, analyzing and interpreting attention and emotional data from their customers. Traditional marketing research methods that rely on consumers verbally expressing their opinions, offer an incomplete picture of audience engagement. However, with the help of non-conscious measurement and strategy, brand managers, marketing researchers and CMOs can learn how to intentionally create an emotional connection through their marketing assets.

Utilizing technologies such as heart rate monitoring, eye tracking, electroencephalography (EEG), and other implicit measures, True Impact specializes in gathering and interpreting a variety of data points relating to consumer behaviour, perceived product value, and visual attention using scientific principles. They also offer high-grade neuroscience research solutions using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI).

“We have seen a massive shift in the marketing space where the focus is on customer-centric campaigns and insights,” says Raymond Armstrong, Director of Commercial Operations at Quantability. “As we continue to grow our solutions suite, we are strategically positioned to help our clients with actionable insights that are backed by science.”

“Measuring brain and body activity is not new. How you apply the information is what matters most for top and bottom line growth. Together with Quantability, we are positioned to integrate conscious and non-conscious data into a holistic brand strategy. We connect the dots for our clients and empower them with brain-proof strategies for next steps,” says Diana Lucaci, Founder at True Impact.

The partnership promises mutual benefits for both companies in the way of new industry-leading tools for Quantability, and greater client reach and technological awareness for True Impact, who also presented at the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association’s (MRIA) National Annual Conference in Vancouver, BC, this year about “Digital Experiences That (Literally) Activate the Senses”.

About Quantability

Quantability is a performance marketing and marketing research company that focuses on helping clients retain, reach, and expand their businesses. Offering the best-in-class custom research solutions and methodologies for understanding consumer psychology. Quantability believes that person-centered approaches provide clients with meaningful insights on the issues and opportunities that are relevant to the success and growth of their businesses. For more information, please visit

About True Impact

True Impact is a research and strategy firm that uses neuroscience and biometric technology to better understand customer preferences and position brands as trustworthy and relevant. Offering accurate and scientifically validated research, True Impact’s insights have generated organizational improvements within Canada Post, General Motors, Colgate, Miller Coors, Burger King and many others. For more information, please visit

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